About Albergo Diffuso


What is Albergo Difuso?

This is an initiative of Italian origin that uses empty houses scattered around the region to turn the whole area into a hotel, rather than a single building.

The entire town is considered a hotel, with components such as receptions, accommodations, and restaurants spread throughout the town.

It is a style of stay that is like living in the community, and is attracting attention as a model for creating a tourism region that realizes "horizontal development" of the region.

Albergo Difuso conditions

To become an Albergo Difuso, there are a few conditions

Management style
The business must be managed and controlled by a single entity.
Hospitality quality
Professional and attentive service, especially in the form of accommodation.
Building and local regulations
It is a reuse of an existing building. It must exist in a village or town where people have lived for a long time.
facilities such as a dining room with food and beverage service, a reception area, a communal area, a coffee shop or bar area
Distance between buildings
The distance between the buildings must not be too great for the guests to travel. The distance between the main building with reception and the annexe should be no more than 200 metres.
It should contribute to the development of a vibrant community. It should not be uninhabited, whether a town or a village
The environment as it is. A blend of reality and local culture.
A clear identity and the quality of the service provided is always consistent
Management integrated with the community and local culture.
To work with pride as an Albergo Difuso and in solidarity with other Albergo Difusos.